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What's in a Name

When we renamed the company Awayke (pronounced Awake), a lot of people asked us why. There were a lot of reason to let Proactive emedia go, but finding the right name was the challenge. Here's some of why we became Awayke.

We stay on top of what’s going on. We're aware of changing technologies, business and marketing trends, and better communication. Our eyes and minds are open.
- We're alert to new information
- We're ready to learn and grow
- We're available - via phone, cell, email, instant messaging - office hours and beyond

Why the 'Y' - because we think there’s a ‘way’
- To get things done – a process that is efficient and produces the best results
- To run our business – our philosophy, mission and community
- To get our clients where they want to be

Smart, Simple, Balanced

Our approach to successful communication is based on these ideas.

Smart – well thought out and effective solutions
Before you start building, think everything through - plan, research, analyze, and learn. Build a solid foundation. That's smart in any industry.

Simple – because communicating should be easy
Find your voice and speak clearly. It must be easy for people to understand and intuitive for them to find what they're looking for. Keep it simple.

Balanced – information, design and technology
Use the appropriate amount of design, copy, and technology. This harmony will allow the best grasp of your message. Balance is effective.


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